Why you should go with the Real Estate Shop

Ray and Maureen have sold a number of properties and had a few bad experiences in the past. Learning about The Real Estate Shop’s ethical approach and outstanding reputation, Ray and Maureen contacted Jeremy to sell one of their properties. They were particularly happy with not having an open house or a public auction. Both Maureen and Ray were impressed with the outcome and have been recommending Jeremy to a lot of people. Thank you, Ray and Maureen for sharing your story, so that others can learn from your experience.



My name is Ray Blackmore. My name is Maureen Blackmore. This would have been the fifth property that we’ve sold.

Well, our experience with other agents is a mixed experience. We put it on the market for three months, signed the contract for three months. And nothing happened until the day before the three months was up. That was a little disappointing.                           

Meeting Jeremy, we got on the right wavelength because at the early stage of the process I said I don’t want an open house and I don’t want an auction. And Jeremy’s response was that he didn’t like doing those things either and we were very impressed with the way he’d handled the sale of another townhouse like this unit a couple of years ago.

We were very impressed. And we know that the vendor was a young solicitor, a very knowing young man and he’d chosen Jeremy. So, I think that’s part of the reason we didn’t even look at anyone else. Having met Jeremy, we were very impressed with his approach and we liked what he heard about how he ran the business.

We were amazed at what Jeremy did. The buyer had been Jeremy’s client. Jeremy had sold their home in a nearby suburb to here and obviously, they wanted something in the similar area to where they had lived and so it was just great. What we were selling was obviously what they were after.

I think Jeremy was very explicit about the way, The Real Estate Shop operates and we were very impressed. We felt that it was the most ethical practice and unfortunately the real estate industry doesn’t have a great reputation in a lot of places.

So, yeah, we were very impressed with Jeremy’s whole approach and he explained the process under which he operated his company which seems to be quite different to a lot of others that we have encountered over the years.

Well, we didn’t hesitate about taking the price. It was the price that we were comfortable with, we knew we could then purchase the property we were intending to buy. So we were, as I say, we were quite content with that price.

We knew that Jeremy’s fee structure was different and possibly higher than others. But there were some inclusions in his fee structure which were very good and also some of the costs that had been incurred like house inspections, these are all loaded down the other end. They didn’t come out of our pocket. So while his structure might be different to others, it works for us. It worked.

I believe that we got more than we paid for, seriously. Because, you know, I just liked Jeremy’s totally ethical approach to the sale and purchase of houses. It appealed to me.

The two experiences, we didn’t advertise and it sold virtually before it came on the market with the result that we wanted. The people up the road, they went to auction, they had open houses which weren’t very well patronised. I think they had possibly four open houses, something like that. They only had two parties bidding for it. And in our opinion, they didn’t get the market price for it.

Go to The Real Estate Shop. We have already said that because of the people who are purchasing in the same village that we are, when we’ve been going to the meetings we’ve been telling people if they haven’t as yet secured an agent, we have been recommending The Real Estate Shop to a number of people because of our wonderful experience. And we know also that the experience of the other owner in our complex that sold their townhouse, he was delighted with the result as well.