The perfect partnership – Natalie and Candida

Natalie has sold a number of houses for Candida and each time has achieved a great result. But one of the most memorable results was the sale of Candida’s townhouse. Natalie presented Candida 3 offers that had been negotiated 1 on 1 between Natalie and the individual buyers. This negotiation is no magic trick. It is a simple and fair approach whereby the Buyers are given 1 chance to offer their best price for the property. The 3 offers varied greatly in price – $650,000, $680,000, and $711,000. It was at this moment Candida saw the power of private negotiation in comparison to public auction. She realised that in the case of a public auction her townhouse would have been lucky to get to a price of $681,000 and that is if the two top bidders has pushed the price all way up from the underbidder at $650,000. Candida accepted the highest offer which was $31,000 more than the next offer. Thank you for sharing your story Candida so that other can learn about the benefits of hiring a trained negotiator to sell their largest assets.


My name is Candida Gryphons. Our family owned four properties, and so far we’ve sold two, and this will be the third one. But I have dealt with a lot of real estate agents in the past, in Canberra and in Sydney. And, I guess I was just looking for a company and a person that had a different attitude. And I decided I’m going to give Natalie a go here.

What I don’t like about the usual real estate agents is the false advertising that they give. They tell you that they’re going to be doing this, that, and the other, and when it all boils down, everything goes beautifully as long as nothing goes wrong. But as soon as anything goes wrong, they’re nowhere to be seen. And I find this whole business of ringing, leaving messages, not getting a response, getting excuses intolerable.

What’s different about Natalie and the Real Estate Shop is that I was taken aback that she did not do open exhibitions. I thought that was rather odd, but she explained why that’s what they did. And I thought, well, okay, I’m looking for something different, so let’s give this a go. And, I think she’s right.

I think that she puts her energy into the potential customers rather than the tie kickers, and I think that’s an excellent way to sell a property. Because I thought, oh, but isn’t that how you get your buyers in? So I thought exhibitions were a good idea. But I have to give credit where credit’s due, and I’m now a convert. I can see that putting your energy into the people who are actually interested enough to make contact is a sensible way to go about selling a property.

I think that by Natalie discussing the property and making an appointment with buyers prior to taking them to the property means that a lot of time is not wasted. And it gives Natalie a much better idea of what they’re looking for, so she can present the property in the best possible way that will highlight what may suit them.

In the first property that was sold, the price that it was sold for was the upper end of that range, and with the second one, I think it was almost at the upper end. And I wasn’t surprised that they did as well as they did because I think it was a fair price. The other owners of the complex were impressed because I think that one other owner has engaged Natalie after my good work of introducing her to the place, and has done very well with their sale.

Okay, the reason I know I got a good price for the properties is that other owners of the complex have jumped on board and engaged Natalie as their real estate agent. I certainly didn’t feel in a hurry to go, quick, quick, we must accept this offer. I just felt that we should just play it by ear and see how we went, and I think this is where Natalie does her job beautifully. She would just tell people, look, we listened to your offer, but it’s not quite there yet. We’ve got other people in the wings, and so she would just keep the situation alive, but in a very calm and unhurried way. And so that was just the way it was done.

With the townhouse, Natalie presented three offers. Mid $600,000, $680,000, and $711,000. We did settle obviously for the highest offer. If all the buyers were in the room together, then everyone’s exposed exactly what they prepared to do, and so buyer number three would not have gone to $711,000 but would have gone to $681,000. So, obviously, the method of discussing the final offers, not in front of each other is a good one.

It’s very clear to me that Natalie cares about our relationship. She always does what she says she’s going to do. She always rings when she says she’s going to ring. And it really doesn’t matter what the time is, or what the situation is, I never feel like, oh, I mustn’t bother her, because this is just a work contract we have. I think it goes way beyond just a professional relationship.