Culture and Ethics
The Real Estate Shop practice is totally committed to the highest standards of ethics, values and client care. We have replaced typical agent methods with a way of selling and buying that our clients love. It feels right, makes good sense and the results are incredible.

If we’ve helped you with your real estate in the past we would be delighted to help you again and if you haven’t yet enjoyed The Real Estate Shop difference – come and talk to a real estate agent you can trust.

We are so confident in our service that we Guarantee it! Our Listing Agreement has no time period, our clients stay because they want to and our fees can be reduced if we don’t fulfil our Guarantee commitments.

Salaried Professionals
The Real Estate Shop sales people are salaried professionals, employed from outside the real estate industry and professionally trained over many months before they earn that title. They have studied and passed examinations of which a large section is dedicated to the principles of negotiation.

Negotiation Skills = the highest price
Our sales people are the best negotiators in the business and continually achieve the highest price for our clients. This one skill will typically gain an extra $20,000 or more in your sale price.

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