Sold in 5 days!

Cameron and Jodie sold with The Real Estate Shop and had an experience everyone needs to learn about. They needed to sell quickly and The Real Estate Shop were there to help. 5 days later Cameron & Jodie had 2 offers over the asking price. Read the full interview below.



Cameron: My name is Cameron.

Jodie: And I’m Jodie

Jodie: We sold our property through the Real Estate Shop in Mawson. We put out our feelers regarding selling our house to about three or four different agents. I think we’re still waiting on a response from one of them and the house has already been sold. The other two agents just weren’t able to do the time frame that we wanted, and we just didn’t get a really good feel from the other agents, which is why we decided to go with the Real Estate Shop. There was a lot of hesitation from the agencies as to whether they could meet those time frames because generally it does take about two weeks to get a house on the market. But the Real Estate Shop were very understanding of our time frames and worked as best they could with us to meet those time frames.

Cameron: Jeremy is one of the people we had contacted from the start as well and everything was moving quite well in that direction so we just didn’t bother getting back to the rest of them.

All inspections were by appointment only

Jodie: The property took five days to sell. We put it on the market on a Monday and by Friday afternoon, we were sitting down with The Real Estate Shop with legitimate offers. It had something like 30 plus inquires on the property and about 14 people came through. We did all of our inspections by appointment only because that was more convenient for us, and when we’re speaking with the Real Estate Shop that seemed like the best way. That way you don’t have your house open for hours at a time on a Sunday morning, and you’ve got to vacate the property. It was just, you know we’ll bring one or two couples through between this time and this time when you’re not home, and I’ll make it convenient for you.

It sold quicker than we ever imagined possible

Cameron: There were still legitimate offers that were above what we wanted. The scary thing was that we weren’t ready to go anywhere. We were not prepared for it to sell that quick.

Jodie: I think the reason that we found a buyer so quickly was that the Real Estate Shop keep a list of people who are already on the market, who are already looking for a house. So they probably had some already potential buyers in mind when the property when we decided to sell.

You get what you pay for

Cameron: I’m a big believer in you get what you pay for. So the fee we paid to Real Estate Shop to sell the place I reckon was fair, for the service that you actually got. So we got good communication and things like that through them. Which we know from buying another certain property at the time that it can be pretty bad going the other direction. If you want to do anything, you got to pay for it. So I believe the fee was actually pretty fair for what it was.

Jodie: So the fee was a little bit more than normal, but given the amount of behind the scenes work that was done by the Real Estate Shop, it was quite justified. When we had a meeting at the end of the week with the Real Estate to see where things were at, we weren’t expecting for them to already undertaken negotiations and gotten offers.

We were just sort of expecting a bit of an update saying you know we had X amount of people coming through and we have X amount of people interested, though we expect negotiations to come through soon. But all of that had already been undertaken by the time we got to that stage. The offers were on the table so we actually had full blown offers to consider within a week. So yeah the fee was a little bit higher, but it was justified.

Cameron: The price we got for the place was more than what we wanted and within the first six days two offers for more than what we wanted. So really, you can’t argue with that.

I don’t sell houses every day

Jodie: One of the things I really liked about the Real Estate Shop was the fact that they were really matter of fact straight down the line. The way that they employ their real estate agents. That they don’t hire people with previous real estate experience AKA people with bad habits. They train their own and build them up to their work ethics and their standards. That was really comforting. You know they weren’t just trying to get our money and get the house sold at whatever price. Very straight down the line. They knew what the market was doing and were very matter of fact about it. Which is what you want because you know I don’t sell houses everyday for a living so I don’t know what’s good and what’s bad. So it was good to have just that common sense basic truth that you could rely on.

I believe that the Real Estate Shop is there to support you as a person selling their home not just as a number so on an individual level not just you know you’re just another person or just another client sort of thing. They really do value you. I know especially with our house inspections that made sure it was okay with us and fitted it around our schedule. Rather than being like, well this is when most houses sell so it has to be open.

Jeremy helped us with buying too

Cameron:  We also got extra stuff from them too. We are buying our other places, which has nothing to do with them. I got some information through Jeremy just through a random phone call at the time on a property we were looking at which helped us in the end, move on from that one. So there’s just things that they actually weren’t required to do. We didn’t expect them to do it, and you just had it anyway. So it helps.