Selling Process Made Easy

Brett and Denise had a horrible experience selling their previous home at auction. They were lied too and ended up having to sell for much less than they were expecting. This time round they demanded a better experience. After interviewing several other agents across Canberra they chose Natalie and the team at The Real Estate Shop in Mawson to look after the sale of their family home. Bretts home sold in 4 days for a great price. Thank you Brett for sharing your story so others learn from your experiences and get the best possible outcome when selling their home.



Before I spoke to Natalie, we spoke to several real estate agents but they had a traditional approach so ended up with The Real Estate Shop. Some of the things we didn’t like about the other agents were based on our past experience of selling homes. We felt very pressured by them and they said the house wasn’t worth what they thought it had been worth so we should expect it to sell for a lot lower.

After the house had sold, the people who spoke to us asked us why we hadn’t taken up their offer that they provided before the auction because it was indeed higher than what we sold the house for. Well, the deal had been done and we were obviously pretty disappointed and pretty angry at the agents but we’d already signed the dotted line.

From the get-go, we were trying to work with an agent with whom we could develop rapport and trust. We found that in the persona of Natalie and in the model that The Real Estate Shop uses. It made us feel very comfortable.

The first time we spoke to Natalie was about two years ago, when she approached us and asked if we would be interested in getting a valuation on the property. She came around and looked at the house, and we indicated at that time we weren’t ready to sell but were considering selling, depending on what we were doing over the next few years.

So, finally, when we made the decision, it wasn’t very hard for us to decide to go with The Real Estate Shop. We’d already had that relationship with Natalie and she maintained contact with us and took time to show interest in what we were doing was one of the things that helped us decide to work with them.

Natalie was able to match people who loved the house and were emotionally connected to the house to pay that price. Do we feel that the experience was a good experience? Absolutely. And to that end, would I recommend The Real Estate Shop to friends and family? Absolutely.

I think you pay for what you get and as a rule of thumb, when you pay a good fee, we got an excellent service. Natalie was very good at building rapport and trust. She took an interest in what we were doing and what we were going through. She put up with our extraordinarily annoying cats every time she came around and she’d always turn up dressed immaculately.

This is the best sale we’ve had, from a smooth and stress-free perspective. We put the house on the market on a Tuesday and the house was sold by the Friday, so that’s a very good result and at a price that we were very happy to receive.

Denise and I always have a philosophy that we weren’t looking for a huge price. We wanted a price that we felt comfortable with and that’s our personal decision and I think we got a good market price based on what we’ve seen around the area.

It is a very emotional thing to sell a home and that’s been our home for eight or nine years and a lot of great memories. It’s one of those things where you put a lot of work into the house, and you are letting go of a place that’s been a safe harbour. And again, all that emotion flows into the whole process. As I said at the outset, the easier that process is, the better folk can deal with that emotional aspect of the sale.