Clean and Simple Sale

Ron wanted a clean and simple sale of his property and the team at The Real Estate Shop were able to make his wish come true. Ron got far more for his property than he was expecting… Over $35,000 more.The team at The Real Estate Shop Canberra achieved this result through spending time with the buyers and negotiating the highest possible price. Thank you Ron for sharing your story so that other sellers can achieve the highest possible price for their property.


Ron: My name is Ron Delagin. I was in Canberra ACT on my property, which I sold with the Real Estate Shop. We had some, I wouldn’t say bad experience, but not terrific experience with previous sales that we tried to make. We wanted to have a nice clean sale and a simple sale. We didn’t want to go through a hassle of too much negotiation with a real estate agent.

One of the reasons we did like the Real Estate Shop and the Jenman process was that really we knew right upfront the cost we were going to get or required to pay, as well as if we didn’t make a sale, then there would be no cost. There wasn’t open houses. There wasn’t any hassle with having unexpected people coming to see the property. It was all controlled through Jeremy’s team at the Real Estate Shop. They have access to a database of potential clients already, which they put out information to say houses are becoming available, including ours. Then they make the appropriate appointments.

Ron: We started off at about $580,000 for the property and then after the team came through, they said probably the best idea would be to try to put it at 600+. It was hard to say, $620,000 or whatever, $630,000, so they just kind of said, put it in for 600+ and sure enough, all offers we got were up in excess of the $600,000.

We ended up selling the property for $637,500.

In terms of fees we didn’t think the Real Estate Shop was too excessive anyhow. I think they’re quite a reasonable price. I think given the professional service they provided, it was well worth it. It was no hassle. It was always appointments made. They turned up on time. Jeremy’s team kept me informed of everything in terms of the process.

Their negotiation skills are obviously top notch. We got far more than we were expecting. I think it wasn’t a hard sale to the people who were buying. It was really done in an appropriate manner. They felt like they’re getting a very good deal as well. I think that is a win-win situation, which is always very good for both parties, including the real estate agent.

Having the one-on-ones with the potential buyer is extremely valuable, because you can actually get into the minds of the people, what they’re really after and try to sort of sell the property based on what they’re after. Not just sort of saying this is wonderful house, but gear it up to what they’re looking for, their expectations. I think we saw that all the way through the process to the point where we were getting standard appointment maybe 20 minutes, 30 minutes. We were finding that when we had back to back appointments, we needed to actually make it an hour, because people were so interested in looking through the property and the team were doing such a good job at selling it, people wanted to stay.

The Real Estate Shop, their team is very, very professional and caring to the clients they have, to the point I think you could say they’re our friends. I get calls occasionally from Jeremy. We chit chat a bit. They felt like they were part of the family and that’s the way they came across.

When it came to the final price that a buyer was offering, they didn’t muck around with it. It was basically, well this is the price you were offering, so you have to put this down on paper. You signed it, so this is your best offer you’re going to give for this particular property. As a consequence, we were very happy and secure in thinking that’s the price we’re going to get.