Our Record Breaking Sale

Chris and Wendy had an amazing experience selling their property with The Real Estate Shop. They had a tight schedule to sell the property and Natalie go it sold within 5 day for $50,000 more than the asking price. Chris and Wendy were kind enough to share their story so everyone can benefit from The Real Estate Shop’s way of selling homes.


Wendy: My name’s Wendy.

Chris: My name’s Chris.

Wendy:  We were in Canberra at the time. We were at Isabella Plains, in Tuggeranong, down south. The name of the agent, was The Real Estate Shop. Our agent was Natalie.

Chris: We chose to interview a couple of agents and so we did that and we set a figure that we wanted to sell for and if it’s over that it sells and if it doesn’t, it rents out and either was pretty cool for us.

We interviewed a couple of agents and then what we did was we provided some feedback to both of those agents, about where they went well and where we could improve. They might be able to improve and the agents came back and Natalie was unbelievably impressive.

Wendy: Some of the reasons we weren’t so impressed was because they lacked confidence in our property that Natalie really had.

Chris: Yeah.

Wendy: Natalie showed enthusiasm for the whole area and knowledge. Very good knowledge of the area as well. I think she might be a Canberra girl.

Chris: Yeah.

Wendy: We were blown away with her enthusiasm.

Chris: What she also did, was she really, really responded well to the areas that we had concerns. We had a really successful campaign in Melbourne that was a really different campaign to what The Real Estate Shop offered and I was pretty nervous and I wanted those things addressed and she really addressed those well, where the other agent didn’t.

I think they were surprised that they were given feedback and had to respond and once Natalie did that and she did that in a lot of detail, I felt really comfortable that she was gonna be our girl to sell our property and selling so quickly. Like I said, we had to move interstate within a week so there was only a week to show the property with furniture in it and it was a modest property. It wasn’t fantastic and so she did that really well.

The price she quoted … The price that we thought that we were gonna get we well exceeded and in a Tuggeranong market that’s pretty impressive.

Chris:   We agreed that $475,000 would be our sell price and if we didn’t achieve it we would rent the place out. Eventually we had five offers and the top offer was $512,000. About 50 grand more. Fifty grand more than we were happy with.

Wendy: With a lot less fuss too. A lot less intrusiveness into your lives and it was a much, much simpler process.

Chris: Fifty grand is insignificant in some markets, but $50,000 in Tuggeranong in Isabella Plains is a significant amount.

Wendy: We end up with the ranking of the highest selling property in Isabella Plains history.

Chris:  Yes. Yeah, it was the highest three bedroom house sale in Isabella Plains

Chris: The price that we were quoted by Natalie, she achieved far greater than what she said she would. She achieved a $50,000 extra bonus for us.

Wendy: One of the things I think we were so impressed about with The Real Estate Shop and with Natalie in particular, was the fact that we were on a really tight schedule. We had to move and we had to sell and move within week, before the furniture would be out of the house, so she pulled it around. We had the house ready.

She sold it within five days.

We were gone a week later. We had seven groups of people through and we had five offers. Only one of those offers was below our asking price. All the other offers were well above, so we were extremely … She started reading those offers out to us, we were just … We were pumped. We were like, “Hang on a minute, this is really happening,” so that’s where it started to really move ahead. Yeah.

Chris:  We had the discussion up front and we always said that we wanted honesty and we wanted transparency and we wanted to pay a good fee for good work. We sold a few houses and we were happy to pay good money for good work and she put the fee up front. It was one of the things I questioned when I gave her the feedback back to … We interviewed a couple of real estate agents, she didn’t budge on that and she was really confident on it.

Chris: But she said, “If you’re not happy,” you don’t have to pay it. She achieved 50 grand over the offer. We were very happy to pay it.