We are so confident that you will be delighted with our service that we Guarantee it!

1. Our Listing Agreement has no lock-in contract period.
If you can change your solicitor or your bank why can’t you change your agent?
Typical listing agreements have a lock-in time period which will run for as many months as the agent can get away with! But if the agent is as good as they always claim, why do they need to lock you in? Surely, if you were happy you would stay? If you’re not happy, why can’t you leave? It doesn’t seem fair.

2. We guarantee the sale price.
When we list your property we give you a written quote of the probable selling price range. If the property sells below the minimum price quoted and we have not reviewed that price due to market conditions you are released from any obligation to pay us.
Did you know that agents can lie about the likely selling price of your home just to get your business. One consumer advocate says “The biggest liar gets the job”. These agents will then use the conditioning tactics to lower the price. You lose they still win. It doesn’t seem fair.

3. Pay us what you believe is fair.
We are so confident that you will be delighted with our service that we give you the ultimate guarantee.

“Our Smart Sale comes with a Fee Guarantee. In selecting The Real Estate Shop your sale price is now protected by highly skilled negotiation experts who will always negotiate on your behalf to obtain the highest price a buyer can or will pay. Our whole marketing and negotiation strategy is focussed on this one resolution. To earn our fee we must deliver that promise. When considering an offer to purchase, if you feel that we have failed to achieve this commitment you can elect to pay what you believe is fair.”

4. If a friend or family member wants to buy your home our fee is zero.
How can an agent claim a commission if you sell your house to your mother?
Typical listing agreements stitch you up so tight that the agent can still get a full fee even if they don’t sell your home. If the property sells during their “lock-in contract” to anyone, including your mother, you pay even if the agent had no involvement. Is that fair?

5. If you change your mind and pull out of a sale you pay us nothing.
Until the exchange of contracts, buyer or seller can change their mind and pull out of a sale without legal penalty. Did you know that most listing agreements force you to still pay the agent a full fee! They even use words like “upon your failure to sign a contract” as though you have committed some offence. Is that ethical?


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