selling with trained negotiator

The perfect partnership – Natalie and Candida

Candida accepted the highest offer which was $31,000 more than the next offer. Thank you for sharing your story Candida so that other can learn about the benefits of hiring a trained negotiator to sell their largest assets.

interviewed 9 agents

We Interviewed 9 agents and chose…

Jeremy interviewed 9 agents over a 3 week period and chose The Real Estate Shop to sell his home. In that 3 weeks Jeremy learnt all the tricks from the ‘Average’ Agent and learnt that he could TRUST the team at The Real Estate Shop to do a better job than anyone else.

how to get the highest price

How to get the highest price

Jing spoke with 2 other agents before choosing Laura from The Real Estate Shop in Canberra. Laura believed the home could be sold for over $100,000 more…

why real estate shop

Why you should go with the Real Estate Shop

Ray and Maureen have sold a number of properties and had a few bad experiences in the past. Learning about The Real Estate Shop’s ethical approach and outstanding reputation, Ray and Maureen contacted Jeremy to sell one of their properties. They were particularly happy with not having an open house or a public auction.

get the best deal

How to get the best deal

Tanya was not a fan of auctions nor open houses and that is why she chose Natalie from The Real Estate Shop. Impressed with Natalie’s honesty and professionalism, Tanya already sold 2 of her properties with The Real Estate Shop in Mawson.


Selling Process Made Easy

Brett and Denise had a horrible experience selling their previous home at auction. They were lied too and ended up having to sell for much less than they were expecting. This time round they demanded a better experience. After interviewing several other agents across Canberra they chose Natalie

Ron Sold in Canberra

Clean and Simple Sale

Ron wanted a clean and simple sale of his property and the team at The Real Estate Shop were able to make his wish come true. Ron got far more for his property than he was expecting…

Record Breaking Sale

Our Record Breaking Sale

Chris and Wendy had an amazing experience selling their property with The Real Estate Shop. They had a tight schedule to sell the property and Natalie go it sold within 5 day for $50,000 more than the asking price…

SOLD in 5 days!

Sold in 5 days!

Cameron and Jodie sold with The Real Estate Shop and had an experience everyone needs to learn about. They needed to sell quickly and The Real Estate Shop were there to help.

Inside Secrets of Real Estate

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