There are several choices when it comes to the method of sale. Be careful, some methods are great for agents but come at a high cost to you.

This is the perfect way to condition a seller into accepting a low price. Lucrative advertising budgets spell profit with or without a sale and the pressure on the seller to accept on the day is intense. A high pressure method, peppered with deceit and favoured by many agents. Stay away or risk getting badly burnt. Read Neil Jenman’s excellent article: How Auctions Get Lower Prices

Price Range
Why would any buyer offer a price at the top of a price range? Less popular since Fair Trading declared that advertising a price less than the sellers will accept is illegal.

Private Treaty
A traditional method favoured by negotiation experts. There is a specific asking price which buyers prefer. Negotiation can take place with the asking price as a starting point. Some agents say that Private Treaty sales can only go down in price. Clearly they have poor negotiation skills. The Real Estate Shop team regularly negotiate sales above the asking price. A negotiation tool we use to great effect is The Buyers Price Declaration.

Buyers Price Declaration
Based upon an idea developed by economist the late William Vickery – one of several ideas that earned him the Nobel Prize for Economics – this negotiation tool has been adopted by The Real Estate Shop as a highly effective and ethical way of achieving the highest price whilst being fair to all buyers. With the Buyers Price Declaration, no competing party is privy to another party’s offer. This means that each buyer must offer his or her highest price without being influenced by what someone else may have offered.

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