Open Inspections

  • High risk of theft
  •  Lots of unqualified lookers including your neighbours.
  • Misleading feedback from non-buyers
  • Crowded inspections make a house feel smaller
  • Negative comments can put off your potential buyer
  • Weaker negotiation
  • Lazy agents looking for listings

Have you seen those Open House invitations? They’re delivered throughout your suburb inviting anyone who would like an idea of local sale prices. These people are not looking to buy they’re wondering what their house might be worth in comparison to yours. The agent is using your open to look for listings!

By Appointment

  • Secure
  • Convenient . . . times to suit you
  • Qualified buyers
  • Meaningful feedback
  • The Highest Price

The Real Estate Shop recommends that only genuine qualified buyers should inspect your home. Genuine buyers love this extra service which allows them to come at a more convenient time and receive our undivided attention. They have the space and the time to really get a feel for your home and are more inclined to buy at a higher price.

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