How to get the highest price

Jing spoke with 2 other agents before choosing Laura from The Real Estate Shop in Canberra. Laura believed the home could be sold for over $100,000 more than the other agents were suggesting and that is exactly what happened. Laura took care of everything; from overseeing the repairs, the inspections and arranging the photo shoot. The property was sold in 3 days. The service Jing received from Laura was well worth the fee. Thank you, Jing, for sharing your story, so that others can learn from your experience.



My name is Jing and the property that I sold is at 41 Maltby Circuit, Wanniassa. The name of the agency is The Real Estate Shop. The name of the individual agent is Laura. Prior to engaging with The Real Estate Shop, I spoke to two other agents. Then I decided to go with The Real Estate Shop. I didn’t go with the other two agents because they were pro-auction, which was not my preference. I was really happy with The Real Estate Shop with their philosophy of just trying to get the best price for the seller by not going the auction way, which I didn’t realise that it was a bit of a myth that going to auction might get you a higher price.

After speaking to Laura, from The Real Estate Shop, I definitely felt that going with the private sale was the best way. The other agents were saying that if we could aim for high $400,000, then that will be very optimistic. But then with The Real Estate Shop, with the private sale, they did the research and they came back to me and they suggested a listing price of $539,000 and I thought that’s really, really optimistic. I ended up having an offer that was higher than that, so I was very happy.

how to get the highest priceThe final selling price was $547,000. It was $8,000 more than the asking price. I will say to that person to speak to someone from The Real Estate Shop because they did it for me. I was very happy. In fact, I was very surprised when Laura came back to me to say that our first offer was $8,000 more than the asking price. I thought this is it. I’d accept that because I felt it was quick and it was efficient. She obviously knew her homework. I believe that she got the best price.

It took three days to sell the house. To be honest, I thought that it was going to take longer to sell the house. But once the house was online, two days later, Laura brought five groups of people through, and then the next morning, we had our first offer. Which ended up being the offer, which I accepted, I only had one offer but that was all that was needed.

To be honest, I was really surprised that the entire process took three days. I was over the moon. I was happy to pay a high commission to The Real Estate Shop because, after my first meeting with Laura, I just felt that I could trust her to do the job, and she did. After I met her for the first time, I had a family emergency so I had to go away very quickly. But in that two weeks that I was away, she got the building inspection done. She had the repairs and the pending work done. Get the professional photographer to come in and take the photos. By the time I got back, the house was sold. That was, I have to say, it’s an extremely good experience.

She explained to me that what they do is to get the buyers to state sort of the best price that they could possibly offer. Even though the commission was higher, I just felt that what she got for me in return was a lot more, so it was well worth it. Yeah, it was well worth the fee, yes.