How to get the best deal

Tanya was not a fan of auctions nor open houses and that is why she chose Natalie from The Real Estate Shop. Impressed with Natalie’s honesty and professionalism, Tanya already sold 2 of her properties with The Real Estate Shop in Mawson. On both times, Natalie got Tanya a really good price. In fact, one of the properties was sold for $620,000 after listing it at $595,000. Tanya is confident that Natalie and her team always work hard to get the best deals for her. Thank you, Tanya, for sharing your story, so that others can learn from your experience.



My name is Tanya. We’ve sold two properties with Natalie from The Real Estate Shop. Before we decided to go with Natalie, we had asked another Real Estate Agency to evaluate our property. However, we decided to go with Real Estate Shop, because we didn’t want to do an auction and that’s what we liked about this company.

I personally don’t like auctions because I feel that, first of all, you have to sell on the day and if there are buyers which are not ready to buy on the day, you’ll miss out on those buyers. Secondly, I don’t like the pressure of the auction. Thirdly, I feel that sometimes, during the auction, you can be pressed to decrease your price. So auction was completely not something we wanted to go with.

How we sold as a result with Natalie, we wouldn’t have had those buyers ready to buy at the time of auction if we went for auction. So I know that we definitely sold better by not having that process all jammed in one day. Another thing I really wanted to avoid was the Open House process.

I really like the fact that only people who have actually picked up the phone and called Natalie, said they’re really interested in this property are the ones ended up coming to our house. And, I also very much liked that she took a personal interest in each buyer. So she would take each buyer, one by one through the house, rather than having a group of people, which also made me feel that it is much more personal.

We were very happy with the buyer, and we were very happy with the price.  I think everything went nicely for both parties. I think in our case if there was an auction, our buyer wouldn’t have been simply prepared to pay the amount, which the house was worth. But also I think, the other buyers would just offer the price which is slightly above the other buyer, who they were competing against. That’s how the auction brings the price slightly down for the seller.

I think it was surprisingly kind of open, honest process which was surprising to me, knowing that in real estate, the process could be all sorts of ways, how people persuade to sell or buy the house. I did feel that Natalie has the right thing at heart. When she works for us, she really tries to drive the better deal for us, and that was really nice.

The price which was advertised with was a good price. We already felt comfortable with that. We were happy if we would sell for that price. But we sold for a lot more than we were hoping. Original asking price was $595,000 and we end up selling for $620,000.

Her professionalism was quite striking when she was telling us about the feedback of the buyers. And she would give us honest opinion whether or not that’s going to be a real buyer and we need to care about, or whether these people are not yet ready to buy. All of that was really telling us how professional she is, and how serious she takes this particular sale. For us, it was really important.

Previously we sold another house with Natalie, again she persevered with the sale. She didn’t give up on this house. She actually sold it for a really, really good price, again. That was the top price we were hoping for, and she got it. I was really very impressed with that, knowing how much time she had to spend on that house.