Taking your money for unnecessary advertising has become big business and an essential part of many agent’s income projections. They also like the free profile that comes with it. One real estate trainer, when asked by a rookie why he was recommending expensive newspaper advertising, answered “Mate, every newspaper advertisement you can persuade a seller to pay for gives you and your agency free profile.”

At The Real Estate Shop we provide an extensive advertising and marketing program without any additional cost. This is called “No Sale – No Charge.”

Today’s buyers use the Internet to search for property and will use a number of different sites and search engines to help them. The Real Estate Shop makes extensive use of the Internet and advertises on multiple web sites.

Our advertising team also create highly effective Social Media marketing, extending your property’s reach still further to this ever expanding audience.

We work as a team and regularly cross match buyers with different properties. This is called “Smart Marketing”. Sellers often ask “Do you have anyone suitable on your books?” In truth most agents don’t have any books or any other record of past callers. Your money is required to re-advertise to the same buyers who called last week on someone else’s property! This is called “specific advertising” and any study of marketing will quickly highlight its stupidity.

At The Real Estate Shop all buyer enquiry is directed to a Central Contact Point. This has enabled a very comprehensive data base created from all buyer enquiry is often an instant source of a buyer for you. A buyer match is conducted as soon as a new property becomes available. Offering a property preview to ready to go buyers often results in the highest prices being achieved.

Current buyers also subscribe to our VIP Buyer Program which includes advance notice of any home matching their requirements before it’s advertised to everyone else. This special service for buyers often results in a higher price for our sellers.

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