Article by Neil Jenman

Selling your home can be a nightmare of frustration and disappointment. You can lose thousands of dollars, either in selling too cheaply or in needless expenses.

It need not be this way …

We are known as “the real estate agent you can trust” because we will always place your interests ahead of our own. Our marketing methods are driven by ethics and results. We continue to achieve higher prices for our clients because that is our focus. Our sales people are salaried professionals who undertake a higher level of training and examination than any other we are aware of. This is so evident in the negotiation of the final sale price. Typical agents frequently give away their client’s money just to make an easier sale. We guarantee the highest price and our team continue to deliver because of their high negotiation skills and effort.

Neil Jenman, the real estate author and consumer advocate, once said that if agents took the time to study and understand ethics and marketing they could not possibly continue to push their selling methods onto consumers.

The 18 Worst Mistakes Made by Home-Sellers is a Jenman publication written to warn consumers of the typical industry traps. We think you’ll find it interesting.

Worried about opening your house for public inspection? You should be, find out why your instincts are right.

Uneasy about the high pressure tactics used at auction and the high failure rate? Discover the truth behind this scam.

Mistake No 1, Signing a Standard Agency Agreement
Mistake No 2, Not Trusting the Agent
Mistake No 3, The Quote Trap
Mistake No 4, Failing to Check Out the Agent
Mistake No 5, Signing up For Too Long
Mistake No 6, The Advance Fee Scam
Mistake No 7, Becoming a Victim of Conditioning
Mistake No 8, Advertising & LOWER Prices
Mistake No 9, An Agent Who Treats Buyers Badly
Mistake No 10, Poor Negotiator
Mistake No 11, Auction
Mistake No 12, Bait Pricing
Mistake No 13, Setting your Price
Mistake No 14, Open Inspections
Mistake No 15, Rejecting the Early Buyers
Mistake No 16, Paying Too Much Commission
Mistake No 17, Presentation
Mistake No 18, Failing to Complain

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